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Meet: Tristan Javier Escoban Ramos - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Meet: Tristan Javier Escoban Ramos

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Meet Tristan

Here’s a sneak peek inside “Twisted Turns”, to be included in an upcoming Anthology, Ipseity slated for release January 2017…

Tristan never had to struggle or wonder if he was loved and is one of eight children to Maxine and Jorge Ramos. From the moment he was brought home from the hospital, Tristan was thrusted into the spotlight. If his siblings ever felt jealousy they never let on. He was always included, especially when his older brothers tried out for sports teams as they’d have him train with them.


When he decided that he wanted to become a lawyer after seeing so much injustice in his city, his family and friends rallied around him to get him through the rough patches. Dedication to his success helped his not only excel, but become Valedictorian in high school and college. So much went his way that he was sure to find the same success in love.


Nina Gustave caught Tristan off guard and he wasn’t prepared to be in a relationship so soon after a recent breakup. When she got pregnant Tristan was prepared to become a father. He was in a great place in his career and his family was a strong, supportive base for them both. When Juan was tragically hurt in an accident and needed a blood transfusion, Tristan and Nina gave without hesitation. Unfortunately, Nina’s secrets were unleashed and it was revealed, after six years of Juan’s life and four years of life with Marisa, that Tristan was not the father.


Just when he thought his romantic nightmare would never end, fate brought a fresh start. He just never expected to meet the love of his life behind bars.

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