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She Wanted Her Happy Ending... - Creative Naturalista Joseph

She Wanted Her Happy Ending…

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Happy Ending

Here’s another promised sneak peek inside Twisted Turns, to be included in an upcoming Anthology for release December 12, 2016…

Eva knew it was wrong. A complete sin against her own twin, but she couldn’t help but fall in love.

Shane was different. He was smart, funny, charming, and cared for her. Always called to check up on her and told Eva he loved her with no sex involved.

Eva didn’t consider his bank account and wanted to make a go at a real relationship.

She just didn’t realize that she would have to destroy her idol and best friend to get her dreams.

But heck, Alicia always had amazing things happen to her. She was never without a man and it seemed like they got finer than the next. Men dropped out of the sky for her. Bent over backwards to please her, but she somehow always messed things up.

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