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Meet: Shane Drexil Jones - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Meet: Shane Drexil Jones

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Meet Shane

Here’s a sneak peek inside “Twisted Turns”, to be included in an upcoming Anthology, Ipseity slated for release January 2017…

An All-American, Shane was used to being the center of attention. He was not too concerned that Alicia and Eva fought over him because he’s had women fighting over him since he was in preschool. 5’6, athletic build, and waves in his hair that looked strategically placed, he was seen as a chocolate Adonis. He took pride is his physic and it showed with every meticulous move he made.


He loved being desired and as the only son in a single-mother household, Shane took advantage of the love the women in his life gave him. His father passed away during a scuffle with his mistress’s husband and left Shane with the impression that women will try to get over if they can. He blamed his father’s mistress for his death and pledged to never be a sucker for love. Alicia LaMonet almost made him change his mind but he decided that he could not pass up the chance of dating her twin sister, Eva.


He promised his mom, and modeling agent, that he would stop being trifling, but how can anyone stop falling in love with amazing sex? Once he found out that Eva had a thing for him in high school he thought it would be a great opportunity to test ‘Sister Loyalties.’ He believed that very man fantasized what he was enjoying and he would give his boys the opportunity to live through him. What began as a one-night stand grew into a 10-month affair with Eva. He found himself debating if he was developing genuine feelings for her or was the sex that damn hot.


Unfortunately for him, Alicia was in no mood to care if genuine emotions grew between the two. Instead, she was only concerned if his mom would want an opened or closed coffin.

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