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Meet: Nina Maria Gustave - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Meet: Nina Maria Gustave

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Meet Nina

Here’s a sneak peek inside “Twisted Turns”, to be included in an upcoming Anthology, Ipseity slated for release January 2017…

Nina, a hot-tempered Dominican-Italian, suffers from mental issues and when left untreated results in dangerous consequences for herself and those who love her. Nina was always seen as one of the sexiest girls on her block but never coped with rejection well. From a large, fractured, family, Nina’s had her share of disappointment. Her brother James’ best friend was arrested for molesting her at 12 but this caused a strain on her relationship with her brother when Danny said she came on to him. Young and beautiful, Nina never thought that being friendly to people she’s known all her life would make her the villain. Now her big brother would barely look at her and even testified against her.


In and out of hospitals to deal with the fallout of the case and how her family has shifted over the years made her want to start her own family. One that would never abandon her. She thought this was a possibility when she fell in love with Tristan. Even she’s unsure why she cheated on the best man who has loved her, but she would do whatever it took to make her family whole again. After James turned his back on her, Nina couldn’t bear losing another man she loved.


Watching Tristan move on with Alicia was heartbreaking and solidified that he would never be her husband and father to her children. She saw the hurt in their eyes when Tristan moved out and she was desperate to fix this. What could she do but make sure that Alicia disappeared for good? When Shane approached her with an idea, it seemed like the only way to make her fantasies come true. Nina had no choice because she wanted, no needed, her family back together again.


Alicia had to go.

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