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Meet: Eva Desmond LeMonet - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Meet: Eva Desmond LeMonet

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Meet Eva

Here’s a sneak peek inside “Twisted Turns”, to be included in an upcoming Anthology, Ipseity slated for release January 2017…

Eva, Alicia’s identical twin sister, has never worried about what others thought of her. Outgoing, free-spirited, and quick to lend a helping hand, Eva never liked living life on the sidelines. She and Alicia saw eye-to-eye on everything but falling in love. When she was in college something happened that changed her perceptions on love. She now wanted ‘Prince Charming’ only if his pockets were deep and he had to be a fan of risks because she never liked playing it safe or holding her tongue. Rocking hot red ringlets to match her spirit, Eva never backed down from a challenge. Giving out second chances was not her thing for people who crossed her or assume they could.


Despite having a tight, loving relationship with Alicia, Eva found herself jealous of how many marriage proposals her sister received. To Eva it didn’t matter that the men didn’t unconditionally love her, it mattered that they saw something in her they loved enough to put a ring on it. Eva wanted a ring or at least the offer of one and when Shane stepped to her making promises of marriage she couldn’t resist. Why couldn’t she just have this one, even if he found Alicia first?


Men were never an issue between them. They shared everything except that but this time was different. Shane Roberts has been Eva’s crush since high school and now her dreams were coming true. Shane told her he proposed to the wrong twin and that they were soul mates. She felt the same way. Once the incident happened Shane made it clear that he just wanted a fling, but Eva was sure that the toe played a major role in that decision.


Alicia would get over it and they would make it through this to become thick as thieves again. She loved her sister and knew the feelings were mutual, even if Alicia tried to choke her out. Now that Tristan is in her life, why should this mistake become a permanent wedge?

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