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Meet: Alicia Desmond LeMonet - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Meet: Alicia Desmond LeMonet

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Meet Alicia

Here’s a sneak peek inside “Twisted Turns”, to be included in an upcoming Anthology, Ipseity slated for release January 2017…

People often mistook her for a young teenager. Milk chocolate skin, captivating, deep Brown eyes. A soft, round face with tight black ringlets that spiraled out of control, yet framing her face like the ultimate picture frame. She had a slim body with thighs thick, thick enough to make heads turn. Alicia was even tempered with the potential to flip at any moment when pushed to the brink of no return. Once someone lost her trust it could never be regained.


Alicia experienced her fair share of heartbreak and ratchet behavior from friends and family members disguised as allies. Despite all of this, Alicia learned that instead of judging harshly, to first wonder about someone’s motives and internal drive. Her mom taught her not to allow people to take advantage of her. Unfortunately, her patience and kindness were often taken for weakness leaving Alicia feeling betrayed.


When she met Shane Jones, Alicia did not remember that they went to the same high school. She was never into the sports scene, and Shane was apparently an all-star. She was attracted to fellow brainiacs but never seemed to get the feelings reciprocated. Instead, Alicia found herself attracting men who wanted good times and loose titles with muddled commitments. Alicia has had 8 different men propose and she found a reason to reject each and every one. Shane was supposed to be different.


She could not imagine how instrumental Tristan would be in her ability to recover emotionally from being betrayed by her sister and fianceé. The type of relationship that bloomed between them felt like a fairytale, but they knew it was real each time they touched or looked into each other’s eyes. Everyone around them knew this was fate intervening to mend two broken hearts, but would jealousy and spite destroy what they were building?

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