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Bklyn Custom Designs: Branding Solopreneurs with Tech

When contemplating stepping out into the world of writing I wanted to be as creative and free with my expressions as possible without feeling pinned down into a box of assumptions and stereotypes.

Based on the blogs and websites owned by others, there are rules to follow. I don’t always agree with them but rather than create an unnecessary uproar I’ve decided it was time to make my own space official.

Welcome to Creative Naturalista Joseph. Here I’ll post updates and pieces of my creative work.

On this platform you’re invited to let your imagination flow with mine and I’ll introduce you to my friends as we make creating unique experiences our top priority!

Look around, take a peak at my upcoming projects, check me out on Social Media, and reach out when you’re comfortable and let me know you’ve been by!

Alicia has everything she could ever want in life, or so she thinks. As she prepares herself to start her life as Mrs. Robins a bitter betrayal forces her to reevaluate her circumstances and approach to life. Can Alicia find herself out of a downward spiral of despair and into the arms of a new beginning?

Get to know her and the rest of the cast as they go through Twisted Turns…

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