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Step Into Twisted Turns - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Step Into Twisted Turns

Creative Naturalista Joseph - Step Into Twisted Turns: Meet the Cast Landing Promo

Not every relationship is what it seems.

As picture-perfect family portraits begin to crack and fade, Alicia, Shane, Eva, Tristan, and Nina’s lives are flipped inside out.

Alicia had a feeling that she and Shane were drifting apart; almost like he was faking his way through the relationship all of a sudden. Mysterious phone calls and private chats started and soon he was deleting his call and message history from his phone and locking that puppy up tight with his fingerprint as though he was living with a thief.

As though all of this was not bad enough, Shane would stand outside in front of the house and talk on the phone or whisper in the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. Who the hell was he talking to and why couldn’t she trace that damn number? She asked her sister Eva to help but all Eva kept telling her was that she was acting paranoid with a “good man” and if Alicia was doubting the relationship perhaps she should just leave Shane.

Not all bad deeds have evil intentions. Join in as this group of unlikely connections journey to find out who’s on their side and who’s out to help them fall.

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