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A Lil' Bit About Creative NJ - Creative Naturalista Joseph

A Lil’ Bit About Creative NJ

When I thought about what I wanted to put out into the world in regards to my fiction writing life, I wanted to remain true to my non-fiction world yet remain to have fun, especially online. Today people are too busy policing each other while hiding behind the Blanket of Hypocrisy and Shame because they fail to live their own lives honestly.

“Consider all that has happened to you so far and how you have allowed it to help mold who you are. Any praises or blames should always include you as you are partly responsible for how life and it’s twists and turns leave you at the end of any day” – Creative Naturalista Joseph

This is my world. You’re welcome to enjoy life with me as long as we can keep a few things straight.

In my world, I like to have fun yet be respectful. Understanding boundaries allows everyone to be comfortable. Having a voice does not mean disrespect. Enjoying life does not mean being judgmental. We can agree to disagree while sharing some space on the Internet.

These are my basic rules and they will be acknowledged if you plan to stay. If you don’t agree, please feel free to roam to another site. My feelings won’t be bruised. The Internet is too large for anyone to be uncomfortable.

Creative Naturalista Joseph - Bio

 Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

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