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Pieces of Me - Creative Naturalista Joseph

Pieces of Me

Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Pieces of Me

He taught me that being silly was cool again
He embraced my provocative thoughts and behavior
He brought Busta & Method into my life in the 90s
Initiated as one of The Warriors
He introduced me to the soothing sounds of Jill Scott in 2000
Allowed me to explore New York from The Bx to Queens
Like a native rather than a refugee
Creative Naturalista presents: Twisted Turns - Pieces of MeHe showed me how to take charge and love every second of it
He helped my wings bloom into adulthood
Hand-crafted pieces of me that others cherish today
Gave me a reason to call on faith with conviction
Lit the fire of my anger and simultaneously quenched the burns before all was lost
He brought them all into my life
Teaching me to fight jaded love and misguided crushes
Hand-crafted this Artisan woman that is me
Unique, complex, strange, silly, real.
The love that was once taken for granted,
He showed me why many have returned
Not to relive the games
But figure out if I burn
For them, their memories, their touch
He reassured me that I was just fine without them
Felt like he knew every inch of me for a lifetime
Our paths crossed during college
But he reentered my world as a different being later in life
Helped me back on my feet when I stumbled time and time again
Held me when others tried to destroy me
He was there
Even when I didn’t care
Pieces of me


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