There goes another crack in this picture perfect family portrait
The jaded love and blinded affections are seeping through
Never did I imagine not being part of the smiles
But somehow that all feels like a distant memory
We were each other’s first connection
Yet I feel like a plus one in my own life
So many blast me
Condemn me
For falling in love
It’s unfortunate that it was with her fiancée
But she’s always been the favorite

Never wanting for anything, she’s been the most loved
I’m tired of waiting in her shadows
Having her talk to me like a unwell puppy
It’s my turn to be happy
He told me he chose the wrong one
Why shouldn’t I allow him to make it up to me?
She’ll find someone else
She wasn’t even happy
Not completely
At least, that’s how it seemed from my, unfiltered yet jaded, glasses
I see disappointment all around me
But eff em
It’s time to get mine
Fuck this Family Baggage


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