Since When Was Falling In Love A Crime?

Here’s another promised sneak peek inside Twisted Turns, to be included in an upcoming Anthology for release December 12, 2016…

Shane was not too concerned that the sisters fought. He just wanted to make sure that he could get his deposit back when he moved. Bullet holes in his wall and ceiling like he was in a gang shootout.

He left to avoid Hood Drama but his sloppy behavior wasn’t far behind. He could never turn down tail and the double action was the best he ever had. Yeah, only one knew about the double dipping feast, but it was still a dream come true.

He promised his mom and model agent that he would stop being trifling, but how can you stop falling in love with amazing sex? Why wonder how the motion of the ocean was when he could dip his toe in and test the temperature?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t his toe he dipped and now he would forever be known as the 9-toed foot model.

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